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Which of the following is true about Buddhism?
a) They believed in no gods.
b) They were polytheistic.
c) They were monotheistic.
d) They believed in the caste system.

Which person was the Enlightened One?
a) Asoka
b) Brahman
c) Jesus
d) Siddhartha Gautama

Which of the following texts were significant to Hinduism?
a) Varnas
b) Bible
c) Karmas
d) Vedas

Which of the following factors most influences the Hindu belief of reincarnation?
a) Brahman
b) moksha
c) karma
d) Nirvana

What is the ultimate goal of Hinduism?
a) To make it to heaven with God
b) to be reunited with Brahman in Nirvana
c) to continue to be reincarnated
d) to be a ruler of India

All of the following are basic beliefs of Hinduism EXCEPT:
a) Brahman
b) Nirvana
c) Karma
d) Meditation

What is polytheism?
a) the belief in one god
b) the belief in no gods
c) the belief in many gods
d) the belief in a god and king

Which is NOT an idea of Buddhism?
a) Four Noble Truths
b) Meditation
c) Eightfold Path
d) Vedas

Which of the following was NOT an achievement of Ancient India?
a) Inoculation
b) astronomy
c) numeral zero
d) gun powder

What was the end goal of Buddhism?
a) Moksha
b) Enlightenment
c) reuniting with Brahman
d) Afterlife

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