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THe Native Americans of the Southwest built homes called chicks these homes are made of
a) cedar trees
b) oak trees
c) palm trees
d) walnut trees

What is a pueblo?
a) home
b) plant
c) culture region
d) type of food

Five groups of Native Americans banded together forming the
a) Potlach
b) Iroquois Confederacy
c) Kachina Dancers
d) Travois

Which animal did the Great Plain Indians depend upon for food, clothing and shelter?
a) buffalo
b) bear
c) deer
d) whale

Which of the following did the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest have for food, since they live near many rivers and stream?
a) hunting
b) fishing
c) farming
d) gathering

Which Native American region lived in tepees?
a) Northwest Coast
b) Plains
c) Eastern Woodlands
d) Southeast

Which cultural region could be in danger of a drought?
a) Arctic
b) Northwest Coast
c) Southwest
d) Eastern Woodlands

Which of the following statements about Native Americans is true?
a) All Native Americans speak the same language
b) Most Native Americans settled in the Southwest
c) Native Americans first reached North America around 1500
d) Native Americans developed many different cultures

The United States took some of their ideas for government and constitution from
a) Seminole
b) Iroquois
c) Navajo
d) Apache

One way in which most Native Americans were alike was their
a) type of shelter
b) religion
c) food
d) spoken language

What was the name of the shelter the Iroquois built?
a) tepee
b) pueblo
c) long house
d) chickee

What was the homes of the Native Americans of the Southwest made out of?
a) buffalo
b) wood
c) sun dried clay
d) cement

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