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What is matter made of?
a) atoms
b) elements
c) metal
d) proteins

Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
a) Ice melting
b) Dry ice becoming fog
c) A cake baking in the oven
d) Sweat on a cold bottle

What is sublimation?
a) When liquid turns into a gas
b) When a solid turns into a liquid
c) When a liquid turns into a gas
d) When a solid turns straight into a gas.

Which of the following is not a subatomic particle in atoms?
a) Protons
b) Proteins
c) Neutrons
d) Electorns

Which of the following is an example of plasma?
a) lightning
b) frost bite
c) sublimation
d) wax

Which of the following states of matter has the least amount of energy?
a) liquid
b) solid
c) plasma
d) gas

Matter is
a) anything that has weight and elements
b) anything that has mass and neutrons
c) anything that you can see
d) anything that has mass and takes up space

If energy is taken away from a liquid, what will the liquid turn into?
a) A gas
b) Plasma
c) A Solid
d) It will stay a liquid

List the states of matter from shortest distance between particles to longest distance between particles.
a) Liquid - solid - gas
b) gas- liquid - solid
c) gas - solid - liquid
d) solid - liquid - gas

Which term describes when a gas turns into a liquid?
a) Condensation
b) Evaporation
c) Sublimation
d) Deposition

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