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The richter scale is used to measure the
a) length of time an earthquake lasts
b) the epicenter of an earthquake
c) strength of an earthquake
d) depth of an earthquakes focus

What is the minium number of seismograph stations that is necessary to locate the epicenter of an earthquake
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Which type of seismic wave travels the slowest
a) L wave
b) S wave
c) P wave
d) Surface save

Which type of seismic wave can travel through solids, liquids, and gases
a) L wave
b) S wave
c) P wave
d) surface wave

Which type of seismic wave travels the fastest
a) L wave
b) P wave
c) S wave
d) Surface wave

Most earthquakes occur along or near the edges of the Earth's
a) oceans
b) tectonic plates
c) rivers
d) concinents

The last seismic waves to arrive are
a) p
b) s
c) surface
d) body

Strike-slip faults are found along ___ plate boundaries
a) convergent
b) transform
c) transcontinental
d) divergent

The strongest earthquakes usually occur
a) near divergent boundaries
b) near convergent boundaries
c) near trandform boundaries
d) along normal faults

The magnitude of an earthquake is a direct measure of
a) how much energy it releases
b) how much damage it causes
c) how long it lasts
d) how many aftershocks it causes

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