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Why do event organizers develop production schedules?
a) To analyze safety and health considerations for the event
b) To organize rehearsals prior to the day of the event
c) To outline all of the activities needed to prepare for the event
d) To arrange for the media to broadcast the event

A basketball team wins a postseason playoff game and proceeds to play another team for the regional championship. In what type of tournament is the basketball team participating?
a) Tri-level
b) heat
c) scramble
d) multistage

What should a business anticipate when developing a project plan?
a) research
b) change
c) publicity
d) secrecy

Which of the following is a true statement about project planning:
a) You should avoid a custom-made project plan
b) Through project planning, you can evaluate what you have accomplished
c) With a project plan, you can mentally walk through your project from start to finish
d) You should minimize the involvement of others in the planning process

Why is it important to define your project precisely?
a) So you can involve other people
b) So you can achieve your objectives
c) so you can spend less money
d) So you can create something tangible

Why is it important to think ahead about how you will monitor your project?
a) To pick the right helpers
b) To practice monitoring the project
c) To make sure the project's quality doesn't suffer
d) To guarantee the availability of needed resources

Having appropriate data helps sport/event marketers to set goals that are
a) open-ended
b) general
c) broad
d) realistic

What is one way that sport/event marketers use marketing information?
a) To develop new products
b) To prepare sales invoices
c) To change economic trends
d) To determine credit scores

To learn about its target market's needs and wants, a professional soccer league should obtain information from its fans
a) before it implements organizational changes
b) only when there appears to be a problem
c) in a proactive and systematic manner
d) if ticket sales show short-term improvement

Sporting-goods businesses often gather marketing information to
a) gain the respect of competitors
b) adjust credit ratings
c) identify trends
d) obtain licensing contracts

A sport/event organization that wants to obtain information about the population in a certain geographic location might use
a) government sources
b) telephone surveys
c) primary databases
d) personal questionnaires

To know what websites and advertisements visitors see, sports and event e-marketers would check
a) text files
b) internet service providers
c) direct delivery programs
d) clickstream data

Which of the following is a secondary source of sport/event information
a) personal interviews
b) demographic reports
c) computerized surveys
d) accounting records

What is an example of a secondary source of data that a sport/event marketer can obtain internally?
a) Magazine article
b) Government website
c) Sales report
d) Trade journal

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