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Which word is a collective noun?
a) herd
b) animals
c) girls
d) boys

What is the plural noun in the sentence? The bases were loaded.
a) The
b) were
c) bases
d) loaded

Which is the correct plural noun of story?
a) storys
b) storyes
c) storyies
d) stories

Which sentence is a complete sentence?
a) The lazy dog .
b) Ran quickly.
c) Sat at the park.
d) The children played in the sandbox.

What type of sentence is this: Put your toys away please.
a) question
b) command
c) statement
d) exclamation

What is the proper noun in this sentence: I am in the 2nd grade at Smiley Elementary.
a) grade
b) I
c) Smiley Elementary
d) am

What is the subject of the sentence: The skinny mouse stole a piece of cheese.
a) cheese
b) stole
c) skinny
d) mouse

Which word is a verb.
a) sing
b) cat
c) book
d) school

Which is not a complete sentence?
a) Jenny sang.
b) The bluebird sang loudly.
c) The gray cat up in the tree.
d) The skies are clear and blue.

Which word should be capitalized in this sentence? Joe went to several shops at the savannah Mall..
a) shops
b) went
c) savannah
d) several

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