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The ability to share messages and ideas through images
a) Visual Literacy
b) Contrast
c) Proximity
d) Principles of Design

The use of these 7 elements will make your powerpoint presentation or project look very appealing
a) Alignment
b) Design Principles
c) Repetition
d) Proximity

The general rule for using color is that you should have no more than ________ colors per slide.
a) 2
b) 6
c) 3
d) 4

How can the text in your project help show the theme?
a) You can write about the theme using the text.
b) You can choose a font that matches the theme of your project, for example using Comic Sans font for a party invitiation.
c) You can make your text different colors.
d) You can make your text really big so everyone can see it.

When you use light colors on top of dark colors or dark colors on top of light colors to make something stick out, you are using ________________..
a) Contrast
b) Text
c) Proximity
d) Alignment

Grouping like items together to create organization is called ____________.
a) Alignment
b) Contrast
c) Proximity
d) Repetition

Alignment is where you place the text on the page. You can choose right alignment, left alignment or center alignment.
a) False
b) True

Using the same theme, color scheme, font, etc. throughout your whole project is called ___________.
a) Alignment
b) Balance
c) Boring
d) Repetition

Maintaining a level of symmetry or making sure that there is an equal amount of weight on the top and bottom, left and right of a project.
a) balance
b) color
c) text
d) proximity

The seven design principles are:
a) Color, text, background, font, proximity, alignment, contrast
b) background, shape, text, color, font, alignment, proximity
c) Color, text, balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast
d) Color, text, background, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast

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