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How would sexual abuse effect all 3 sides of your health triangle?
a) Sexual abuse can effect a teens health triangle by them having bruises or STD's.
b) P- you might get pregnant, M- you might feel ashamed, S- you might be afraid to show affection to your boy/girlfriend.
c) P-you might get a STD, M- you might avoid dating, S- you worry what your friend will say about you if they find out.
d) Sexual abuse might cause a teen to avoid dating and eventually commit suicide.

Which of the following is NOT an example of internal conflict
a) Arguing with your friend about which movie to go see.
b) Picking between your friend and a really talented person you don't know in a talent contest.
c) Deciding to spend your birthday money on a new video game or on new clothes.
d) Deciding to go to your best friends pool party or your brother/sister's graduation.

What is NOT a change that is likely to cause stress in a family?
a) Divorce .
b) High school aged brother or sister got a job at Jay-C.
c) Birth of a new baby.
d) Parent, brother, or sister being deployed in a war zone.

Sexual harassment includes all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Inappropriate or creepy sexual comments.
b) Touching/grabbing someone's butt.
c) Patting someone's back or shoulder after they learn someone close to them has died.
d) Making suggestive comments about how someone dresses.

A bully will often continue picking on a someone if the kid ______________?
a) shows fear.
b) shows anger.
c) starts to cry.
d) All of the above.

To protect yourself from violence you should_______________________?
a) lock your doors windows at home.
b) give out personal info online like when your away from home on vacation.
c) accept rides from strangers.
d) agree to meet someone you just met online.

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication which includes all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Facial expressions (like smirking).
b) Shrugging your shoulders.
c) Your tone.
d) Rolling your eyes.

When someone is being bullied they need to talk with a trusted adult! BUT, to most effectively stop bullying what must the bystanders do?
a) Take professional counseling.
b) Stand up to the bully and try to stop them with your words or actions.
c) Get into a fight with the bully.
d) None of the above.

What is NOT a healthy ways of showing affection in a teen dating relationship?
a) Calling or texting them.
b) Holding hands.
c) Buying each other small gifts.
d) Cuddling (groping) on the bed alone in their room.

What is NOT something the book says causes conflicts to escalate.
a) Anger and/or jealousy.
b) Group pressure or mob mentality.
c) Using assertive communication style to talk to someone.
d) Drugs and/or guns.

What type of abuse involves not providing enough food, water, clothing...?
a) Emotional abuse
b) Physical abuse
c) Neglect
d) Sexual abuse

How can you show you are actively listening to someone?
a) Slouch down in your chair and prop your head up on your arm.
b) Use your phone to text someone.
c) Make no eye contact.
d) Think before you ask questions.

What is NOT an emotional need a family provides?
a) Water
b) Love
c) A sense of belonging.
d) A sense of accomplishment.

What style of communication should we all strive to have, like baby bear in that it's just right meaning: you aren't a pushover but you also don't bulldoze over everyone else to get your way?
a) Aggressive
b) Assertive
c) Passive
d) Static

What is NOT a consequence of teen parenthood?
a) Graduating high school or going to college.
b) Higher health risk for the baby and the teen mom.
c) Money troubles.
d) Increased stress.

What is NOT a physical need a family provides?
a) Love
b) Shelter
c) Food
d) Clothing

What should you NOT do to get out of a negative peer pressure situation?
a) Just say no.
b) Walk away.
c) Give a reason why you can't do what they are asking.
d) Offer an alternative, like smoking pot.

What would cause conflicts to escalate?
a) Keeping conflicts private.
b) Being disrespectful.
c) Avoiding drugs.
d) Accepting others and their beliefs.

Name the 2 nonverbal types of communication.
a) Sign and oral language.
b) Gestures and assertive language.
c) Body language and tone.
d) None of the above.

What is the most common form of abuse?
a) Emotional abuse
b) Neglect
c) Physical abuse or domestic violence
d) Sexual abuse

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