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What is a reed plant that is used to make a form of paper?
a) cataract
b) silt
c) papyrus
d) delta

What is another word for a god or goddess?
a) mummy
b) deity
c) pharaoh
d) sphinx

What are steep rapids formed by cliffs and boulders in a river?
a) cataract
b) delta
c) silt
d) embalm

What is a line of rulers from the same family?
a) pharaoh
b) mummy
c) dynasty
d) sphinx

What is a huge stone structure that served as a tomb?
a) pyramid
b) sphinx
c) deity
d) pharaoh

What is a mixture of water and soil that is fertile topsoil?
a) papyrus
b) silt
c) delta
d) cataract

What is it called when you preserve a person's body after death?
a) delta
b) sphinx
c) pharaoh
d) embalm

What is an all-powerful king of ancient Egypt?
a) dynasty
b) pharaoh
c) mummy
d) sphinx

What is the area of fertile soil that forms at the mouth of a river called?
a) papyrus
b) cataract
c) delta
d) silt

What are statues of creatures with the bodies of lions and the heads of humans, hawks, or rams?
a) pharaohs
b) mummies
c) dynasties
d) sphinxes

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