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the is the nation's health care policy for elderly and disabled
a) Medicare
b) Dependent
c) State

this withholding tax is the largest deduction withheld from an employee's gross income
a) Net Pay
b) State
c) Social Security
d) Federal

Pay after you take out taxes
a) Net Pay
b) Gross pay
c) Taxes
d) FED

Pay before you take out taxes
a) Net Pay
b) Taxes
c) Gross pay
d) All

these are compulsory charges imposed on citizens by local, state, and federal government
a) Taxes
b) Deductions
d) IRS

the amount of money subtracted from the gross pay earned for mandatory systematic taxes, employee sponsored medical benefits, and or retirement benefits
a) Deductions
b) Taxes
c) W-2
d) Gross pay

they collect federal taxes, issue regulations, and reinforce tax laws written by the United States Congress
a) IRS
c) FED

the total amount of money earned during a pay period before deductions
a) Gross Pay
b) Net Pay
d) IRS

the amount of money left after all deductions have been withheld from the gross pay earned in the pay period
a) Deductions
b) Gross
c) Net Pay
d) Medicare

this is the nation's retirement program
a) Social Security
b) Deductions
c) Gross Pay
d) Federal Taxes

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