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the eraser button on the home tab will
a) clear formatting on selected text
b) delete selected text
c) undo the previous tab stop
d) clear tab stops completely from your document

themes and styles are meant to...
a) save you time
b) make your document look professional
c) allow you to change colors, fonts, and effects in your document
d) all of the above

tab steps can be set by using the HOME tab, Paragraph group OR...
a) double clicking the ruler
b) ctrl R
c) Page layout Tab, page setup group
d) shift Tab

this is used to change the distance the insertion point jumps when TAB is pressed
a) tab stops
b) indents
c) margins
d) bounding box

to change the name of a document, you must choose SAVE AS
a) false
b) true
c) buffalo
d) crocodile

to move a picture freely around a word document, the ________________ needs to be changed
a) text wrapping
b) format
c) size of the object
d) page margins

to insert the page number in a header, you must...
a) type the correct page number on the first page
b) use the page number tool in the header and footer tab
c) press shift 1
d) type the correct page number on each page of the document

starts (a line of text) or position (a block of text, table, etc.) further from the margin than the main part of the text. The tab key helps you in accomplishing this
a) indent
b) margin
c) tab stop
d) horizontal alignment

behind text, tight, in front of text are all examples of what?
a) text wrap
b) formatting
c) overtype
d) arrangement

The method of operation used for inserting new text within existing text in a document. insert mode is the default.
a) insertion point
b) overtype mode
c) horizontal alignment
d) text wrap

a document type that creates a copy of itself when you open it. These can be found under file, new.
a) templates
b) insertion point
c) theme
d) brochure

style sets can be found under this tab
a) design
b) home
c) insert
d) page layout

changing the theme of a document changes the colors, ________, and effects of the document
a) fonts
b) formats
c) shapes
d) effects

the space between the edge of the paper and the text is called the ___________
a) margin
b) indent
c) bleed
d) gutter

to change the theme of a document, click on the _________ tab
a) design
b) page layout
c) insert
d) themes

The flashing vertical line that indicates where the next action will occur
a) insertion point
b) clicker
c) cursor
d) arrow

Text or graphics printed at the top of all pages in a document
a) header
b) inside address
c) return address
d) letterhead

what is the name of the button that indents your outline item to the next level? Example: From A to 1
a) increase indent
b) decrease indent
c) format outline
d) shift

text can be aligned horizontally using which tab?
a) home
b) design
c) page layout
d) alignment

which of the following is closest to the top in a business letter?
a) return address
b) inside address
c) salutation
d) closing

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