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to change a bulleted list back to normal text, select the list and...
a) click the bulleted list button
b) go to options, clear list
c) right click, undo list
d) press enter

to create another bulleted line in a bulleted list, simply press tab
a) false
b) true
c) tolstoy
d) dostoyevsky

To organize items into a specified order.
a) sort
b) shake
c) format
d) effect

paragraph spacing can be changed in which location?
a) home, paragraph
b) insert, spacing
c) design, theme spacing
d) layout, paragraph

A set of coordinated colors, fonts, and effects that can be applied to Office 2013 documents.
a) theme
b) style
c) formatting
d) groups

A complete set of characters in a specific design, style, and size.
a) font
b) font style
c) font effect
d) font color

which of the following would be a salutation in a business letter
a) dear sir or madam
b) sincerely
c) I am writing to inform you...
d) 3058 n hedgetree

The clock/calendar built into your computer’s main processor to keep track of the current date and time.
a) computers clock
b) big ben
c) processor tracker
d) cpu watch

which of the following is true?
a) the delivery address is the inside address
b) the return address is the delivery address
c) the inside address is the address at the very top of the letter
d) the return address goes in the middle of the envelope

an envelope must be on a separate document from your letter
a) false
b) true
c) yo
d) mamma

to show the ruler in your document, you would use this tab
a) view
b) format
c) file
d) insert

For which of the following would you use the word ruler?
a) setting a tab stop
b) formatting your shape
c) zooming in and out
d) creating a business letter

when you select a picture in a word document, a _____________ tab appears
a) contextual
b) home
c) file
d) screentip

A border that displays around the edges of a selected object.
a) bounding box
b) sizing handles
c) text box
d) picture

The amount of white space between lines of text WITHIN a paragraph.
a) line spacing
b) double spacing
c) paragraph spacing
d) indent

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