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General Questions About Adjectives.

What is an adjective?
a) A word that describes how your doing something ex. slowly
b) A word that describes a thing, person, or product ex. smelly
c) A word that is a place, person, idea, or thing ex. dog
d) none of the above

What is the adjective in the sentence: Silly Sally went on a walk with her dog Lola.
a) Sally
b) went
c) dog
d) silly

what is the adjective(s) in the sentence: The lanky man was scared as he walked up to the creepy house. enter
a) scared
b) lanky, creepy
c) man, house
d) was, as

What is the adjective(s) in the sentence? The pretty blush was advertized on the commercial.
a) pretty
b) blush
c) advertized
d) commercial

Why do we use adjectives?
a) To help make a more interesting passage
b) To give the reader a picture in his/her mind as he reads
c) All of the above
d) To make our writing more descriptive

All of the information below are adjectives EXCEPT
a) tasty
b) dog
c) comfortable
d) smooth

All of the information below is adverbs EXCEPT which of the following?
a) None of the above
b) fast
c) slowly
d) sticky

In the following sentence which words are an adjective: We sat under the shady tree waiting to get into the building.
a) tree
b) shady
c) building
d) waiting

What is the adjective(s) in the sentence? The telephone rang loudly and scared me.
a) loudly
b) scared
c) telephone
d) rang

What is the adjective(s) in the sentence? I just bought a shirt that is pink.
a) bought
b) shirt
c) pink
d) that

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