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In contrast to white settlers, Native Americans viewed nature as
a) sacred
b) a resource to provide wealth
c) less important than railroads
d) not a big deal

Native American civilization was most threatened by
a) violent and aggressive herds of buffalo
b) tribes going to war against each other
c) diseases brought by white settlers
d) drought

Which of the following marked the end of the wars between the federal government and the Plains Indians?
a) the death of Sitting Bull
b) the Sand Creek Massacre
c) the massacre at Wounded Knee
d) the Treaty of Fort Laramie

Why did the policy of leaving the Great Plains Indians alone change around mid-century 1800's?
a) The Plains failed to meet the needs of Native American peoples.
b) White settlers began wanting the land on the Plains.
c) Native American populations decreased and needed less land.
d) Native Americans began attacking white settlements for no reason

The Dawes Act was NOT designed to benefit
a) Railroads and corporations
b) U.S. government
c) Native Americans.
d) White settlers

Which of the following best describes the Native American situation at the end of the Indian Wars?
a) They held on to their traditional homelands
b) They were forced onto reservations and began to be assimilated
c) They were forced onto reservations but still kept their culture and religion intact
d) The U.S. government was forced to give up on their hopes of assimilating Indians

How was the Dawes Act supposed to help children assimilate?
a) By making Indian children grow up as farmers since the land couldn't be sold for 25 years
b) By establishing boarding schools teach white culture to Native American children
c) By authorizing the armed forces to round up and exterminate Indian children
d) By letting Native American children choose if they wanted to go to a white school or an Indian school

Which of the following did NOT improve rapdily growing cities in the late 1800's?
a) Skyscrapers
b) Mass Transit
c) Tenements
d) Streetlights

Which of the following was NOT a characteristic of new immigrants?
a) From Italy, Poland, Hungary, Russia opposed to old immigrants who were from Ireland and Germany mostly
b) Were Catholic or Jewish, which angred Protestants, the group that made up most of American Christians
c) Landed at Angel Island and were eventually not allowed to immigrate over anymore
d) Came with no skills and no money unlike previous immigrants

Which of the following was NOT an effect of immigration?
a) Nativism
b) America becoming know as a melting pot and Americanization programs
c) A severe drop in industrialism and the amount of corporations
d) Chinese Exclusion Act and the Gentlemen's Agreement

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