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He UNSCREWED the jar of homemade salsa.
a) unknown
b) closed
c) opened
d) painted

Francisco loved the CATERPILLAR.
a) small reptile
b) wormlike bugs that turn into butterflies
c) mammals
d) creature from the ocean

The artist SKETCHED a picture of the little girl with pigtails.
a) quickly made a drawing of
b) developed
c) photographed
d) took

You should not DISRESPECT your parents.
a) confuse
b) treat with lack of honor
c) instruct
d) tease

The caterpillar was protected from the rain by its COCOON.
a) hardwood stem
b) plastic lid
c) umbrella
d) soft covering

The teenager EMERGED from his room after his mom yelled.
a) appeared
b) danced
c) screamed
d) stared

The MIGRANT workers lived in a tent city.
a) a person who moves often
b) a person who goes shopping
c) a person who works in Walmart
d) young workers

What is the setting of the story?
a) a farm in Mexico
b) a school in the United States
c) the rainforest
d) Canadian Mountains

In poetry, a paragraph is called...
a) a stanza
b) a comma
c) a line
d) a set of parenthesis

Why did Francisco give up his painting?
a) He didn't like it.
b) He wanted to become friends with Curtis.
c) He had a copy already.
d) His mom didn't want it.

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