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How is density calculated?
a) Density = Weight/Volume
b) Denisty = Volume/Mass
c) Density = Mass/(Volume * Weight)
d) Desnity = Mass/Volume

What is the density of liquid water?
a) 1 g/cm^3
b) 1000 g/cm^3
c) 1000 kg/cm^3
d) 1 g/m^3

What will happen if a solid object has a higher density than water?
a) It will sink half way then bob up and float.
b) It will sink.
c) It will float.
d) It will float, then start to sink.

Which of the following tools can be used to measure mass?
a) The scale in your mother's bathroom
b) A triple beam balance
c) The scale in your mother's bathroom or a triple beam balance both work
d) Neither a triple beam balance nor the scale in your mother's bathroom will measure mass

How do we calculate the volume of an irregular object?
a) Melt it and see how much it weighs
b) Measure all the sides, multiply them all together, then divide byt he number of sides measured
c) By putting it into a graduated cylinder of water and measuring the difference in water level indicated on the side
d) You cannot measure the volume of an irregular object

What unit of measurement do we use on a graduated cylinder?
a) cm (centimeters)
b) mL (millileters)
c) fl. oz. (fluid ounces)
d) g (grams)

What unit of measurement do we use for mass?
a) g (grams)
b) lbs. (pounds)
c) oz. (ounces)
d) tons

If an object is filled with air that has no point of exit, does it sink or float?
a) Sink half way, but not all the way down
b) Sink to the bottom
c) Float
d) Sink then float then sink then float then sink

What is Ms. Palmer's current school of attendance?
a) University of Missouri
b) Northwest Missouri State University
c) Southern Baptist University
d) Missouri State University

Is science fun?
a) Of course
b) Always
c) It is the definition of fun
d) Well, duh!

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