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Which of these singer was a rockabilly lady?
a) Brenda Lee
b) Donna Summers
c) Janis Joplin
d) Judy Garland

During the late 1950s, the music business lost all of the follow rock and roll figures except:
a) Jerry Lee Lewis
b) Johnny Cash
c) Little Richard
d) Buddy Holly

The practice of payola in the 1950s:
a) Was illegal
b) Was first developed in the 1950s
c) Was employed primarily by rock and roll labels and DJs
d) Was scandalized at a time when major labels sought to regain market share

When Elvis moved to RCA he enjoyed:
a) A more focused listenership
b) A broader appeal
c) Success with rockabilly
d) The peak of his time as a songwriter

Alan Freed and Dick Clark were:
a) Both questioned in the payola scandal
b) Both exonerated from the payola scandal
c) Not involved in the payola scandal
d) Both accusers in the payola scandal

Record charts were created to:
a) Help industry radicals change the system
b) Assist listeners in choosing products
c) Give artists credit for popularity
d) Alert industry insiders to trends in the music business

Elvis Presley’s music at Sun Records was in a style known as:
a) Rockabilly
b) Roll and rhythm
c) Country and western
d) Western swing

After World War II, teenagers began to take on adult responsibilities:
a) Later in life
b) Sooner in life
c) At the same rate as before the war
d) None of the above

Fats Domino was known best as:
a) A guitarist
b) The wild man of rock
c) A warm friendly performer
d) A trumpeter

All of the following are typical instruments used in Rockabilly except:
a) Acoustic bass
b) Electric guitar
c) Piano
d) Acoustic guitar

A crossover hit means a song that crosses over several years.
a) True
b) False

Payola is the practice of a record company giving DJs money, gifts, or services in exchange for playing their record.
a) True
b) False

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