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What is an inference?
a) When the reader describes the main idea.
b) Create a story based on a character.
c) When you take what you know, plus what you read or see and draw a conclusion.
d) None of these

What is quantitative data?
a) When an exact amount is given.
b) When a scientist uses their senses.
c) When a hypothesis is written.
d) When the experiment is being performed.

Put the following steps of the Scientific Method in order: Write a conclusion, conduct an experiment, create a question.
a) Create a question, write a conclusion, conduct an experiment.
b) Write a conclusion, conduct an experiment, create a question.
c) Create a question, write a conclusion, conduct an experiment.
d) Create a question, conduct an experiment, write a conclusion.

If......then.... statement are how scientists write a
a) Hypothesis
b) Experiment
c) Conclusion
d) Inference

What is the independent variable?
a) The variable the scientist purposely changes.
b) The variable that is changed because of the variable the scientist changes.
c) The variable that never changes.
d) None of these.

What is the controlled variable?
a) None of these.
b) The variable that changes because of the one the scientist changed.
c) The variable the scientists changes on purpose.
d) The variable that doesn't change.

Which of the following would be apart of the Communication stage?
a) A graph
b) A chart
c) A paragraph explaining the experiment and what was learned.
d) All of the above

You look out the window and see it is raining. You just made an
a) observation
b) inference
c) adjustment
d) educated guess

Which of the following is a qualitative observation?
a) The sky is grey.
b) There are 3 pounds of candy in the jar.
c) We have 5 pages for math homework.
d) There are 7 girls in the class.

45 students, $120 spent at the store, and a reservation at 8:00 are all examples of what?
a) Inferences
b) Qualitative Data
c) Quantitative Data
d) Conclusions

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