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All of the following are true of gender discrimination EXCEPT ____.
a) it limits the opportunities of both women and men
b) it questions the traditional roles of men and women
c) it promotes equality between the genders
d) it judges people on the basis of gender

Which issues do women in developing countries face?
a) Low paying jobs
b) Lack of political power
c) Limits to education
d) All answers mentioned

All of the following are causes for the rise of globalism EXCEPT ______.
a) large-scale migration
b) use of the Internet
c) increased nationalism
d) revolutions in transportation

The event that triggered the 1973 oil embargo of the United States by OPEC was ________.
a) the United States invasion of Iraq
b) the Yom Kippur War
c) the United States boycott of OPEC nations
d) the creation of Israel

The growth of multinational corporations is fueled by a need for ______.
a) skilled workers
b) reduced transportation costs
c) cheap labor
d) greater cultural understanding

Which of the following countries is the best example of a developing nation?
a) Japan
b) India
c) Germany
d) United States

Destruction of the tropical rain forests is known as _______.
a) the greenhouse effect
b) deforestation
c) sustainable development
d) desertification

The movement of people from rural areas into cities is known as _______.
a) industrialization
b) globalization
c) urbanization
d) modernization

Examples of nonrenewable resources include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
a) coal
b) petroleum
c) solar energy
d) natural gas

Mixing sulfur gas from factories with moisture in the air produces toxic ________.
a) acid rain
b) smog
c) ozone
d) greenhouse gases

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