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The name Rockingham County came from
a) Rockingham Palace in Northhampshire, Great Briatin
b) King Charles II's favorite horse
c) 19th century porcelain manufacutrer
d) Prime Minister of Great Britian

This famous explorer visited Rockingham County and wrote about the American Indians here.
a) Hernando De Soto
b) Sir Walter Raleigh
c) Juan Pardo
d) John White

This famous and controversial man's wife was from Rockingham County.
a) Stephen Douglas
b) James Madison
c) Fredrick Douglas
d) Cornelius Vanderbilt

The first inhabitants of Rockingham County were...
a) Shauna Indians
b) Cheraw Indians
c) Chrerokee Indians
d) Croctaw Indians

The first Anglo settlers in Rockingham county were members of this church
a) Moravian
b) Penecostal
c) Presbyterian
d) Church of England

Rockingham County manufacutured and shipped 100 guns for this war.
a) Revolutionary War
b) War of 1812
c) Mexican-American War
d) Civil War

This President visited Reidsville.
a) George Washington
b) Andrew Jackson
c) James K. Polk
d) James Madison

Rockingham County is the home to....
a) The oldest continuously running textile mill.
b) A meteorite that fell in 1810.
c) The US's largest uranium deposit (world's 7th largest).
d) Lenox Castle mineral springs.

Rockingham County was the first in NC to have...
a) a desegregated school
b) a talking movie
c) a Pepsi despensory
d) color blind county commissioner

Rockingham County is in the Genis book of world records for having...
a) the only town named Mayodan
b) perfectly square borders with neighboring areas
c) the smallest weekly newspaper
d) most state supported rural roads that dead end

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