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To allow a visually impaired user to know what a picture is you use
a) Alternative Text
b) A picture
c) Hyperlinks
d) Tags

Sometimes the URL for a hyper link is too complicated to understand when read by a screen reader, you need to use
a) Hyperlinks
b) Alternative Text
c) Tags
d) Text hints

Alternative text is
a) A text description of something on the webpage
b) An image, the alternative to text
c) HTML Code
d) CSS style

You need to provide text descriptions for audio and video
a) True
b) False
c) .
d) ,

The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is..
a) A web businees
b) Responsible for publishing accessibility guidelines
c) Is an organization that needs web accessibility
d) Are trying to abolish web accessibility guidelines

___% of the web uses color poorly
a) 50
b) 35
c) 15
d) 90

Without color your page is
a) Simple
b) Exciting
c) Boring
d) Accessible

Color expresses your sites
a) Mood
b) sign
c) age
d) .

The color of your site and the color of your logo must __________ each other
a) Clash
b) compete
c) Complement
d) be with

website colors must ______ the information
a) draw away from
b) enhance
c) compete with
d) harmonize

Be aware of cultural and _______ significance of colors
a) emotional
b) symbolic
c) visual
d) contextual

Make your pages easy on the eyes by leaving plenty of ___________
a) Empty space
b) White space
c) colored space
d) Empty space and White space

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