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When citing someone's ideas, you should also give your own opinion or response statement. Which do you put quotations marks around?
a) I should put quotation marks around my own opinion/response statements.
b) I should put quotation marks around the original author’s or publisher's exact words.
c) Do not put quotations around anything that is being discussed in my paper.
d) Only put quotation marks around what Bob says.

To switch back and forth between two documents or websites:
a) Have Bob switch back and forth for you.
b) you can't do this correctly because the computer is all messed up.
c) alt tab will switch back and forth on the last two documents you clicked on.
d) Control tab key

From 8th grade throughout my Masters degree (18th grade), I will be expected to ‘cite’ information when I use other people’s ideas:
a) Schools have a machine that search the entire web to see if my work was stolen, I will risk it and claim it is my own work.
b) I like it when someone steals my stuff, so I believe other people will also like it if I steal their stuff.
c) If I do not cite ideas to give credit to the person who originally had that idea, I can be kicked out for plagiarism.
d) Bob will save me when I get kicked out of school for plagiarism.

A folder is different than a shortcut to a folder. A shortcut to a folder is only a pointer to the folder. It is not the real folder. I can tell the difference because
a) A shortcut folder has a picure of an arrow on it.
b) Shortcut folders can only be found on desktops.
c) The shortcut folders always disapear once a month, so be sure you make them again.
d) Shortcut folders are shorter than real folders

The important part about citing other people’s ideas is that you have to give credit to the original person having the idea or invention. The different names of the page showing this credit are
a) Bob’s citations, Bob’s Bibs, Bob’s references
b) It is okay to use others’ ideas and inventions and just lie and claim they are my own.
c) It is okay to use others’ ideas and inventions and just lie and claim they are my own.
d) Citing; citation; creating a citation; creating a bibliography (bib); creating a reference; or Works Cited.

You should not fill in website forms directly. Instead you should copy paste information over to a Word document, answer and save in the Word document, and then later go back to website and paste in answers. The three reasons to do it this was are
a) The power might fail and you lose all your hours of work
b) You might want to see or use your answers again
c) The websites have a clock and when you hit submit, you lose all your work because the time was used up.
d) The power might fail; you might want to see or use your answers again; and some websites time out losing your work.

This is how a folder is different than a file-document:
a) They are actually the same thing.
b) Bob stores his files inside of my folders, and I don’t like that.
c) Yellow Folders have files and documents stored inside of them. In this class, we created a technology folder.
d) Files are the same thing as font letters.

If I want to select more than one document in my folder at the same time, I need to hold down this key
a) select key
b) the all key control a
c) You cannot select more than one document at a time, you can only select one document at a time.
d) the control key

Citing can be difficult. To make it easy, this website will help create citations that follow the citation rules:
b) I wonder if someone will find out if I don't cite?
c) I have Bob do all my Citing for me because he is smart.

When you use your own words to reword what someone else said, this is
a) called paraphrasing, and I need to be sure to put quotes around what I paraphrase.
b) called paraphrasing, and I need to be sure to put quotes around what I paraphrase.
c) copying someone's words, so it is plagiarism which is stealing someone's words or ideas.
d) called paraphrasing, and I do NOT put quotes around what I paraphrase because quotes are only if I use their words exactly.

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