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When we are in-text discussing what writers and researchers said, we should always use ONLY
a) their first and last names ...Sue Gonzalez, Jose Martinez, Jane O'Neal found that...
b) their first names only
c) their last names only example ...Gonzalez, Martinez, O’Neal found that…
d) our own names

The design cycle is the cycle of steps you do to create solutions to problems. These are the 4 parts of the cycle in the proper order.:
a) 1. Inquiring and Analyzing 2. Developing Ideas 3. Creating the Solution 4. Borrowing Money
b) 1. Inquiring and Analyzing 2. Developing Ideas 3. Creating the Solution 4. Eating with Bob
c) 1. Inquiring and Analyzing 2. Developing Ideas 3. Creating the Solution 4. Evolution
d) 1. Inquiring and Analyzing 2. Developing Ideas 3. Creating the Solution 4. Evaluating

Peer reviewed articles from Nevada State Scholarly Databases are credible/believable because
a) People peer through a peephole and find it is true.
b) groups of experts verify the information is correct before it gets published.
c) they are easier to find.
d) Bob wrote all of them and we know he is always credible.

A secondary source is one that
a) was there in person.
b) was not there in person.
c) two people were there at the same time in second grade.
d) Taught Bob in second grade.

A primary source comes from someone who
a) was there in person.
b) went to first grade with Bob
c) is primarily the most important person.
d) a secondary source

if you want to quote only part of what was said to make your point, then you could use an
a) Always use the full sentence of what the author said--that's the way Bob does it.
b) ellipsis for example: “... fifty more families were able to have fresh water with the bicycle well pump.”
c) Be sure to copy at least 5 lines of what the author said.
d) never quote anything, always only paraphrase what people say.

When there are more than 3 authors, then in-text we only use the first author's last name, and then the other writers are only shown as 'and others.' What are the Latin words for 'and others'?
a) use all of the authors first names
b) et al. for example Gonzalez et al. would mean the author Gonzalez and at least 3 other authors wrote this reserch.
c) use all of the authors last names and also use Bob's last name because he is desperate for attention.
d) Ask Bob if you can use his name and your own name.

These can be used to quickly get research information on a topic and they have lots of pictures and words.
a) Infographics
b) Bob's favorite fingerpaintings
c) Information Keepers
d) picture words

When citing the name of the research author or publisher name inside your text sentence, this is called
a) In-text citing because inside the text you give credit. Here is an example Gonzalez said, “We need to help these women.”
b) Works Cited
c) plagiarism
d) researching

Spaces on computers are translated into %. To avoid this we make computer names without spaces. We type names that are easy to read by naming using
a) Cat case
b) CamelCase and the hump looks like a camel hump
d) we should use lower case letters only

The term used for searching online by using algebra expressions is called
a) Bullying
b) Boolean Logic such as AND or quotation marks
c) algebra
d) wildcards

When searching online, we need to remember there is back code that can trick your browser to give a fake webpage on the first page of your results.. This hidden code can be seen by
a) choose website code
b) right clicking a blank space of the website and choosing view source; or f12; or control u
c) Ask Bob where the code is
d) all websites are true and none of them are tricking anybody

Many websites are fake. But, websites with these extensions are usually (99%)true:
a) .com .org
b) .org .com .us
c) .edu .gov
d) .au .com

Capitalize this word if you do not want something to show up in your online search
a) NOT for example: soccer NOT football (but Google uses the minus sign, so searching in Google you would use -football
b) OR
c) AND
d) Either

The tinyurl address that you can use now all the way to 12th grade to get into your One Drive Cloud?

When searching, this symbol means Wild Card which means it will find any missing letters
a) asterisk which looks like a star; for example stan * would find standing Stanley stanchion standard
b) poker sign
c) Wild Bob is a cowboy
d) OR

Boolean Logic Rule: Put this capital word between two words that you want to find online together
a) AND
b) and
c) or
d) get

When searching online for more than one word together put these around the more-than-one-word phrase
a) quotation marks
b) exclamation marks
c) Bob quotes stupid things.
d) only search for one word at a time

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