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What kind of government does Canada have?
a) Constitutional Monarchy
b) Direct Democracy
c) Dictatorship
d) Representative Democracy

What geographical features does the U.S. share with Canada?
a) Great Lakes and Clear Lake
b) Rocky Mountains and Great Lakes
c) Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains
d) Grand Canyon and Mississippi River

What is monarchy?
a) government led by a queen or king
b) government led by a prime minister
c) government led by a dictator
d) government led by a president

How do you become a monarch?
a) you get elected
b) you take over the government by using force
c) you are born into it
d) you try out for it

What province of Canada speaks mostly French?
a) Florida
b) Ontario
c) Quebec
d) British Columbia

How long did the French and Indian War last?
a) 9 years
b) 2 years
c) 1 year
d) 7 years

Why did the British explore Canada?
a) they wanted beaver pelts
b) they wanted land
c) they wanted freedom of religion
d) they wanted copper

Why did the French explore Canada?
a) they wanted freedom of religion
b) they wanted copper
c) they wanted land
d) they wanted beaver pelts

How is Canada similar to the United States?
a) they are both multicultural
b) they share the Rocky Mountains and Great Lakes
c) Chrisitianity is the major religion of both countries
d) all of the above

True or False? Catholicisim is a branch of Christianity
a) False
b) True

True or False? Both Canada and the United States elect representatives
a) False
b) True

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