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Naked strands of RNA that infect plants are called
a) RNA viruses
b) viroids
c) prions
d) retroviruses

An RNA virus that has a DNA stage is called a
a) retrovirus
b) DNA virus
c) coronavirus
d) futurovirus

The latent viral DNA contained in the host DNA is called a(an)
a) prion
b) viroid
c) prophage
d) invader

During integration
a) the virus attaches to a host cell repector
b) the viral DNA enters the host cell
c) the virus takes over the host cell machinery
d) the viral DNA is inserted into the host DNA

During the maturation step of viral reproduction the
a) viral particles are assembled
b) the viral components are synthesized
c) the new viruses leave the host
d) the viral DNA is inserted into the host DNA

The biosynthesis step of the reproductive cycle is when
a) the viral DNA enters the host
b) the viral particles are assembled
c) the viral DNA is inserted into the host DNA
d) the viral components are synthesized

The reproductive cycle of viruses that includes the integration step is the
a) lytic cycle
b) lysogenic cycle
c) duplication cycle
d) rinse cycle

The outer protein covering found in all viruses is a
a) coat
b) capsid
c) envelope
d) plasma membrane

Viruses are classified by all of the following EXCEPT
a) type of nucleic acid
b) size and shape
c) type of reproduction
d) presence or absence of an envelope

Infectious particles that cause neurodegenerative diseases such as Kuru and mad cow disease are called
a) viroids
b) retroviruses
c) prions
d) coronaviruses

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