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To remove the peeling by using a knife or peeler.
a) pare
b) cut in
c) grate
d) dice

To beat rapidly and make light and airy.
a) fold
b) whip
c) stir
d) mix

To gently combine two mixtures by cutting down through the center with a rubber scraper, across the bottom of the bowl, and up and over close to the surface.
a) whip
b) stir
c) fold
d) mix

To mix shortening and flour with a pastry blender or two knives.
a) chop
b) grind
c) grate
d) cut in

To work or press dough with the palms of the hands.
a) knead
b) fold
c) mix
d) stir

To cook in a small amount of fat.
a) boil
b) saute'
c) simmer
d) caramelize

To cook a liquid until bubbles rise continuously and break the surface.
a) simmer
b) saute'
c) boil
d) caramelize

To heat to just below boiling.
a) caramelize
b) boil
c) saute'
d) simmer

To rub on a tool that separates or shreds the food in various small sizes.
a) grate
b) chop
c) grind
d) shred

Abbreviation for tablespoon.
a) Tlsp
b) T
c) t
d) Tn

Abbreviation for teaspoon.
a) Tsp
b) tps
c) t
d) tn

Abbreviation for cup.
a) cu
b) cp
c) lb
d) c

Abbreviation for gallon.
a) gal
b) gn
c) go
d) gan

Abbreviation for quart.
a) qu
b) qt
c) qr
d) qua

Abbreviation for pint.
a) pi
b) pn
c) pt
d) pin

One gallon is equal to . . .
a) 6 pints
b) 3 quarts
c) 5 quarts
d) 4 quarts

One quart is equal to . . .
a) 2 pints
b) 5 cups
c) 3 pints
d) 6 cups

One pint is equal to . . .
a) 4 cups
b) 2 cups
c) 3 cups
d) 5 cups

One cup is equal to how many tablespoons?
a) 12
b) 14
c) 16
d) 18

Four tablespoons is equal to . . .
a) 1/2 cup
b) 2/3 cup
c) 1/3 cup
d) 1/4 cup

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