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When you open new documents in Word, the program names them with a(n) _____ determined by the number of files opened during that session.
a) chronological number
b) odd number
c) even number
d) decimal number

Which of the following is an acceptable format for a business letter?
a) Block style with mixed punctuation
b) All text keyed to the left of the margin
c) Block style with open punctuation
d) Both a and c

Letters and numbers that appear on the Ribbon when you press the Alt key are called:
a) key trips.
b) KeyTips.
c) key pads.
d) key shortcut tips.

The __________ contains the commands you use most often, such as Save, Undo, and Redo.
a) Quick Access Screen
b) Quick toolbar
c) Quick Access Toolbar
d) Quick command

When you select text, the faint image that appears is called a(n):
a) I-beam.
b) Mini toolbar.
c) insertion point.
d) All of the above

A document’s properties may be displayed from which area?
a) Open dialog box
b) Save As dialog box
c) Backstage
d) all of the above

To enable a file to be viewed with a browser, how should you save the file?
a) as a Word 97–2003 document
b) as an Internet file
c) as a Web page
d) none of the above

What command should you use when saving a document under a different name?
a) Save command
b) Save As command
c) Save in New Folder command
d) Save as Word 97–2003 Document command

Why is saving a Word file in the Word 97–2003 format desirable?
a) This method greatly reduces the size of a file.
b) This method saves a file much more quickly.
c) This method enables users of earlier Word versions to view the file
d) all of the above

Why is the PDF file format a popular “save as” format?
a) It reduces file size
b) It preserves formatting.
c) It saves to the Web.
d) none of the above

When can you specify a file name and location?
a) when saving a file for the first time
b) when saving changes to an existing document
c) both a and b
d) none of the above

How many times do you press the Enter key between each paragraph of a letter?
a) one time
b) two times
c) three times
d) four times

Which of the following is keyed on the first line of a business letter?
a) greeting
b) delivery address
c) saluation
d) date

To save a document with a different name, you should use which command?
a) open
b) save
c) save as
d) a and b

The following command appears on the Mini toolbar.
a) font size
b) font color
c) format painter
d) all of the above

The Clipboard group appears on which of the following tabs?
a) references
b) home
c) page layout
d) insert

Which of the following displays common commands in groups arranged by tabs?
a) menus
b) ribbon
c) dialog box
d) screens

How can you launch Microsoft Office Word 2010?
a) from the desktop
b) from the start menu
c) both a and b
d) none of the above

When you start Word, which of the following first appears?
a) Open File dialog box
b) Open New Document screen
c) Properties dialog box
d) blank screen

The first screen you see when you start your computer is called the:
a) Word screen.
b) Windows 7 screen.
c) desktop.
d) screen saver.

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