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12. What is the name of the Microsoft Word feature that reviews spelling and grammatical errors as you type and compares them against the Microsoft Word dictionary?
a) Spelling Grammar
b) Review Edit
c) Spell Correct
d) Dictionary Check

11. Which command is used to find the number of words, characters, paragraphs, or lines in a Microsoft Word document?
a) Compare
b) Review
c) Word Count
d) Research

10. Which Track Changes command allows a user to see what a document looked like before any changes were made to it?
a) Reject All Changes
b) Original
c) Remove Edits
d) Show Markup

9. Which tool converts words or paragraphs into a different language using the Microsoft Word bilingual dictionaries?
a) Spelling Grammar
b) Research
c) Translate
d) Thesaurus

8. When comments are inserted into a Microsoft Word document, how can they be removed?
a) Review Ribbon, Comments group, Delete command
b) Insert Ribbon, Delete Comment command
c) Double-click the comment to delete
d) Review Ribbon, Comments group, Remove command

7. Which term refers to the oblong boxes that appear when formatting changes are made in a document while tracking changes?
a) Citations
b) Balloons
c) Comments
d) Captions

6. Which dialog box provides the user with the ability to replace text as it is typed?
a) AutoFormat
b) Find Replace
c) AutoCheck
d) AutoCorrect

5. Which feature in Microsoft Word highlights insertions, deletions, or formatting modifications in a document?
a) Track Changes
b) Reviewer
c) Mark Entry
d) Compare

4. What group in the Review Ribbon contains the command to accept or reject changes made to a document?
a) Proofing
b) Compare
c) Tracking
d) Changes

2. Ann wants to add her name to the Microsoft dictionary. Which section of Backstage/Options will she use?
a) Advanced
b) Display
c) Proofing
d) Save

3. Hal and Alice have both made changes separately to the Biology lab report that they created together. They need to turn in one final version to their teacher. Which Word tool could they use to easily create a single final report that includes bot
a) Compare
b) Combine
c) Restrict Editing
d) Track Changes

1. What is the name of the note that can be inserted into a Microsoft Word document by a reviewer to communicate suggestions, alerts, or tips to the author?
a) Footnote
b) Citation
c) Comments
d) Caption

13. Which feature of Microsoft Word automatically corrects typing, spelling, capitalization, or grammar errors as they are typed?
a) AutoCorrect
b) Spell Grammar Check
c) AutoSpell
d) AutoCheck

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