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This is the Muslim chant that is the call to worship
a) Adhan
b) Muezzin
c) Mosque
d) Minaret

This is where the call to worship is performed from the
a) the Minaret
b) the Muezzin
c) the Adhan
d) the Koran

The holy book of Islam is the
a) Koran
b) Bible
c) Gospel
d) Mosque

The Muslim house of worship is called a
a) Mosque
b) Koran
c) Minaret
d) Adhan

The Muslim call to worship is performed by the
a) Muezzin
b) Adhan
c) Mosque
d) Koran

The holy city of Islam is
a) Mecca
b) Koran
c) Wilkes-Barre
d) Bagdad

The key prophet of Islam is
a) Mohammed
b) Jesus
c) Chanson
d) Adhan

The Muslim faith is
a) monotheistic
b) polytheistic
c) theopolistic
d) thomonastic

Islamic chant, like Gregorian chant,
a) is monophonic
b) is polyphonic
c) is homophonic
d) is organum

Islam emerged during the
a) Medieval Period
b) Renaissance
c) Last days of the Roman Empire
d) Before ancient Greece

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