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Which of these would have the greatest potential energy?
a) A roller coaster at the top of a hill.
b) A roller coaster half-way up a hill.
c) A roller coaster half-way down a hill.
d) A roller coaster at the bottom of the hill.

As a roller coaster goes downhill
a) kinetic energy is converted into potential energy.
b) potential energy is convered into kinetic energy.
c) electrical energy is convereted into potential energy.
d) potential energy is converted into electrical energy.

James and Juan were at the highest point in the football stadium, dropping water ballons on people below. Many of the ballons did not break, so the boys added more water to the ballons. What impact did adding water have on the ballons' potential ener
a) It had no impact; it just made the ballons bigger.
b) The gravitational potential energy decreased because the diameter increased.
c) The gravitational potential energy remained constant because they did not increase the height.
d) The gravitational potential energy increased because the mass increased.

Youre on a thrilling water slide. At what point would you have the most potential energy.
a) In the middle of a small loop.
b) At the end of the slide.
c) At the top of the slide.
d) In the pool, at the bottom of the slide.

A boulder that is resting on the top of a cliff slips over the edge and accelerates towards the ground. As the rock falls, the amount of kinetic energy
a) decreases
b) increases
c) stays the same
d) increases then decreases

Predict which item has the GREATEST DECREASE in kinetic energy. Asuume both plans reach identical velocity.
a) Passanger airplane lands at an airport.
b) Passenger airplane takes off at an airport.
c) Small private airplane lands at an airport.
d) Small private airplane takes off at an airport.

Wind energy is used to rotate the sails of a windmill. The rotating sails have
a) heat energy.
b) potentail energy.
c) electromagnetic energy.
d) kinetic energy.

A book is resting on a table. The book has
a) kinetic energy only
b) both kinetic and potential energy
c) potential energy only
d) neither kinetic nor potential energy

When you wind a rubber band on a toy airplane, what type of energy does the rubber band have?
a) kinetic energy
b) thermal energy
c) mechanical energy
d) elastic potential energy

The energy that a rock has before it rolls down a cliff is called
a) electrical energy
b) chemical energy
c) nuclear energy
d) gravitational potential energy

The combination of potential and kinetic energy is called
a) sound energy
b) friction
c) mechanical energy
d) nuclear energy

When does a toy race car have kinetic energy?
a) sitting on a shelf
b) upside down on the floor
c) rolling down a hill
d) in the toybox with the lid closed

Bill pulls a rubber band tight to shoot a piece of paper. At the point when the rubber band is stretched to its maximum, compare and contrast the amounts of potential and kinetic energy.
a) There is no potential or kinetic energy.
b) There is mostly potential energy and little kinetic energy.
c) This is mostly kinetic energy and little potential energy.
d) There are equal amounts of potential and kinetic energy.

Suppose you are jumping on a trampoline. At the top of your jump, which of these is true?
a) The mechanical energy is zero.
b) The kinetic and potential enegies are equal.
c) The potential energy is zero.
d) The potential energy is at a maximum.

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