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What does FICA stand for?
a) Federal Income Corporation Acquisition
b) Federal Insurance Company Acquisition
c) Federal Income Contributions Act
d) Federal Insurance Contributions Act

An example of a transferable skill is a skill:
a) that each employer requires you to learn.
b) that can only be used in an individual’s job or career.
c) used in your job that you acquired through past jobs, volunteering, hobbies, school sports, or other life experiences.
d) that is learned at one job and is required at other jobs as well.

Which of the following is NOT a way that employers support employees?
a) Workers’ Compensation
b) Match contributions to federal and state income taxes
c) Unemployment Insurance
d) Match contributions to FICA taxes

Individuals with more formal educational training usually have:
a) higher estimated lifetime earnings.
b) lower personal satisfaction.
c) more comfortable work environments.
d) greater amounts of leisure time.

Ally learned in her Personal Finance class that some paycheck deductions are required and others are optional. She is checking over her paystub and sees several deductions. Which of the following would be TRUE?
a) Social Security, Medicare, Life Insurance, and Health Insurance are all required deductions.
b) Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Workers Compensations, and Life Insurance are all required deductions.
c) Social Security, Medicare, Federal Income Tax, and Workers Compensation are all required deductions.
d) Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Social Security and Medicare deductions are all required deductions.

Who should NOT be a reference on a job application?
a) Pastor/Priest
b) Parent/Relative
c) Teacher/Coach
d) Former Employer

The regular schedule that employers pay their employees is called the __________.
a) pay period
b) pay time
c) pay date
d) schedule of payment

Jamie has elected to be paid by direct deposit at her new job. This means...
a) She will receive her paycheck mailed directly to her each pay period.
b) She will receive her paycheck delivered directly to her at her place of employment at the end of each pay period.
c) She will receive her pay automatically loaded onto her payroll card at the end of each pay period.
d) She will receive her pay directly into her checking account at her depository institution for each pay period.

FICA is comprised of
a) social security and worker’s compensation.
b) state income tax and social security.
c) social security and medicare.
d) federal income tax and medicare.

_____________________forbids discrimination by potential employers or their agencies on the basis of race, age, color, religion, gender, or national origin.
a) EEO Act of 1964
b) EEO Act of 1973
c) The Rehabilitation Act of 1964
d) The Rehabilitation Act of 1973

____________ of every paycheck (if you are NOT self-employed) is taken out to help fund Social Security.
a) 7.65%
b) 6.45%
c) 1.45%
d) 6.2%

Which statement is TRUE about Payroll Taxes?
a) Payroll taxes fund the Social Security and Medicare programs.
b) Payroll taxes are paid on both earned and unearned income.
c) The amount of tax paid depends on many different factors, but as you earn more money, you pay less payroll taxes.
d) Payroll taxes fund different operations and programs of the federal government.

Who is Medicare designed to help?
a) Low income families
b) Senior Citizens
c) Children of unemployed parents
d) Single parents

____________________ are often based on financial need or some other type of merit or accomplishment.
a) Bank Loans
b) Government Loans
c) Scholarships
d) Grants

Gross income is
a) the amount you earn after paying excise taxes.
b) the amount you earn before paying any income or payroll taxes.
c) the amount you earn after all deductions and exemptions have been accounted for.
d) the amount you earn after all taxes have been deducted.

Payroll taxes are not automatically deducted from your paycheck.

A career requires very little planning, education, or preparation.

It is important to fill out the FAFSA to see if you qualify for loans and/or grants.

FICA stands for Federal Income Contributions Acquisition.

Bob is working for a bank. He earns $8.00 an hour, works 40 hours a week, and gets paid every 2 weeks. Every pay period he pays $63.08 into federal withholding, $33.21 into state withholding, and $42.05 into FICA. What is Bob’s gross pay?
a) $576.92
b) $320.00
c) $640.00
d) $501.66

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