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Geology literally means the study of the
a) core
b) mantle
c) Earth
d) ocean

Our seasons are most directly caused by
a) the earth's rotation
b) the earth's tilt
c) the earth's revolution
d) the gravitational pull of the moon

the earth’s atmosphere protects us from
a) sunspots
b) aliens
c) solar wind
d) meteors

The tides on earth are a result of
a) the moon's gravity
b) where we are located in the solar system
c) venus' gravity
d) the rotation and tilt of the earth

Who is the father of geology?
a) Charles Darwin
b) Alfred Wegener
c) Charles Lyell
d) James Hutton

Which planet helps to keep asteroids away from earth?
a) Saturn
b) Jupiter
c) Venus
d) Mars

Who re-introduced the young-earth view again by writing a book?
a) John Whitcomb
b) Henry Morris
c) both A and B
d) neither

What biblical event would be most in conflict with an old-earth geology viewpoint?
a) Flood
b) Creation
c) Fall
d) Redemption

What is the thinnest layer of the earth?
a) mantle
b) inner core
c) asthenosphere
d) crust

What is the border called between the crust and mantle?
a) lithosphere
b) Moho
c) fault
d) asthenosphere

A resource manager who is concerned with sustainable yields would be working with
a) renewable resources
b) nonrenewable resources
c) either
d) pollution

The earth's orbit around the sun is in the shape of a
a) circle
b) square
c) ellipse
d) octogon

Where is the position of the earth within the milky way galaxy?
a) close to the center
b) between two spiral arms on the outer edge
c) in the spiral arm
d) near a black hole

Which layer of the Earth has the densest material?
a) crust
b) mantle
c) core
d) lithosphere

A natural resource that is being used is called a (an)
a) potential resource
b) substantial yield
c) recycled material
d) actual resources

What layer of the earth is divided into tectonic plates?
a) lithosphere
b) mantle
c) asthenosphere
d) crust

This layer of the earth is believed to be responsible for the earth's magnetic field
a) crust
b) mantle
c) core
d) asthenosphere

Which layer contains the highest percentage of the Earth's volume?
a) crust
b) mantle
c) core
d) lithosphere

What is the deep-time viewpoint?
a) young-earth viewpoint
b) viewpoint that the earth has changed overtime at the same rate throughout history
c) old-earth viewpoint
d) Both B and C

What would happen if the earth did not orbit within the sun’s habitability zone?
a) The earth would be too hot for liquid water and life forms
b) We would have clouds of frozen carbon dioxide
c) all of the above
d) none of the above

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