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Which of these is a unit of volume?
a) g
b) mL
c) mile
d) ton

How many significant digits are in 0.901
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

What would the answer to this problem be with the CORRECT NUMBER OF SIG FIGS: 18.2 + 2 =
a) 20
b) 20.2
c) 21
d) 16

The dependent variable is: ________________
a) the part that doesn't matter
b) what stays constant
c) what your change
d) what you measure

What does it mean to be accurate?
a) You get the same answer consistently.
b) You answers are very close to the CORRECT answer.

Convert 18.3 mL to L
a) 0.183 L
b) 18.3 x 10^3 L
c) 0.0183 L
d) 18300 L

Which of the following shows CORRECT scientific notation
a) 89.9 x 10^3
b) 89999234
c) 8.99 x 10^3
d) 0.89 x 10^3

Can a theory ever become a law?
a) No, theories describe HOW/WHY, but laws describe WHAT
b) Yes, theories must be tested more to become a law

Which of the following is a HYPOTHESIS
a) The blue flower will grow the tallest.
b) Blue flowers don't grow.
c) The blue flower will grow the tallest BECAUSE it gets the most sunlight.

How many significant digits should you have in the ANSWER to this problem: 34.5 x 98.65
a) 1
b) 4
c) 3
d) 2

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