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Iran and Iraq have disputed over...
a) Who can be in an alliance with the U.S.
b) Territory
c) Ozone depletion
d) the Shah

One of his forms of non-violent protests included the Salt March.
a) Martin Luther King, Jr.
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Leon Trotsky
d) Gandhi

In the Soviet Union, this was Stalin's plan to change from an agricultural society to an industrial one.
a) The Five Year Plans
b) The Duma
c) Sputnik
d) The Pogroms

Dadaists attempt to...
a) Portray realistic scenes in their art
b) Only convey religious themes in their art
c) Try to express the insanity of life in their art
d) Create only 3D art

Who led the military to revolt against the Spainsh government?
a) Adolf Hitler
b) Benito Mussolini
c) Francisco Franco
d) Diego Rivera

Following its conflict with Bosnia, Serbia refused to allow which region to be autonomous (independent)?
a) Kosovo
b) Czechoslovakia
c) Albania
d) Montenegro

The Green Revolution refers to...
a) The takeover of nature once a location has been abandoned by humans
b) Producing grains that have higher yields and can feed more people
c) The emphasis on recycling, reducing, and reusing materials
d) An uprising led by Kermit the Frog

Which battle in the Pacific is considered the turning point during World War II?
a) Battle of Iwo Jima
b) Pearl Harbor
c) Battle of the Coral Sea
d) Battle of Midway Island

In Russia, the Red Secret Police (Cheka) did what to consolidate their rule?
a) Destroyed all who opposed the new regime
b) Made an alliance with Czar Nicholas and his family
c) Assisted Leon Trotsky with his escape to Mexico
d) Collected money and donations to assist the poor

In Japan, the "Enlightened Rule" occurred during whose reign?
a) Kanagawa
b) Mao Zedong
c) Mutsuhito
d) Hirohito

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