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A copy of something.
a) model
b) bar graph
c) data
d) Big Bird

The quantity used to measure something.
a) cylinder
b) Cookie Monster
c) unit of measure
d) chart

An investigation carried out under carefully controlled conditions.
a) Elmo
b) model
c) chart
d) experiment

A list of questions or choices.
a) data
b) survey
c) experiement
d) Grover

A plan for testing a hypothesis. This should be clearly written so that other scientists can follow its steps.
a) tool
b) The Count
c) conclusion
d) procedure

A type of list. There are several of these in the classroom that give you different information on certain topics.
a) chart
b) bar graph
c) survey
d) Bert

A display that helps you compare data and see patterns. We made one after we answered the question - What is your favorite color?
a) Ernie
b) procedure
c) bar graph
d) survey

An object used to do work.
a) stopwatch
b) model
c) Oscar the Grouch
d) tool

Process of asking questions.
a) Abbie Cadabbie Kazoo
b) investigate
c) experiment
d) data

Pieces of information that you observe.
a) data
b) survey
c) hypothesis
d) Telly

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