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what is the main function of the respritory membrane?
a) to line the respritory tract with a layer of mucous
b) to act to seperate air into the alveoli or the blood in the capillaries
c) to serve as a barrier to the outside wall
d) to allow constant oxygen flow into the blood stream

which of the following structures begins the process of digestion
a) stomach
b) small intestine
c) teeth
d) esophagus

what is manipulated in the craniosacral system during a craniosacral theraputic session?
a) dura mater
b) interstitial fluid
c) pia mater
d) cerebrospinal fluid

what occurs during the process of respiration?
a) fluid moves from the renal tubules into the blood stream
b) fluid moves from the blood stream into the renal tubules
c) fluid is filtered more than once
d) elimination cannot occur and fluid is processed through the body again

what is the term that refers to the body standing erect with hands at the sides and palms facing forward?
a) anitomical position (western medicine)
b) anatomical position (oriental medicine)
c) prone
d) supine

the plane that goes from top to bottom, which divides the body in left and right sides directly in the middle is refered to which of the following?
a) sagittal
b) frontal
c) transverse
d) midsigittal

which of the following are located in the dorsal cavity?
a) the abdominopelvic cavity
b) the lungs
c) thoracic cavity
d) none of the above

which of the following is not a major muscle of the head?
a) obicularis oculi
b) zygomaticus
c) semimembranious
d) masseter

which muscle has an origin at the external occipital protuberance ligamentum nuchae and an insertion at the lateral third of clavicle acromion?
a) teres major
b) latissimus dorsi
c) trapezious
d) teres minor

which of the following muscles has an action of medial rotation and adduction of the humerous?
a) teres minor
b) latissimus dorsi
c) trapezius
d) teres minor

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