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in the male reproductive system what two organs make up the genitalia?
a) the gonads and penis
b) the penis and scrotum
c) prostate and vas deferens
d) scrotum and gonads

what is considered the female gonads?
a) ovaries
b) fallopian tube
c) vagina
d) uterine

which of the following refer to the devision of cranial sacral segmants of the spinal cord?
a) craniosacral division
b) sacralcranial devision
c) cranio and sacral aspects
d) proprioception

which of the following membranes is found in closed cavities of the body?
a) cutanious membranes
b) serous membranes
c) mucous membranes
d) connective tissue membranes

what information can the width of the epophyseal plate tell a doctor?
a) the strength of a bone
b) the estimated adult height of an individual
c) the probability of osteoperosis
d) the number of breaks a bone has had

what is the puropse of the synergist in a movement?
a) add support to the contracting prime mover
b) counteract the prime mover
c) relax as the antagonist contracts
d) act as the main muscle in the movement

neurons are named for the direction they move. what are three types of neurons found in the body?
a) motor, schwann, interneurons
b) sensory, cranial, interneurons
c) sensory, involuntary, interneurons
d) sensory, motor, interneurons

what is the main mechanism behind the functioning of nonsteriod hormones?
a) negative feedback
b) hypersecretion
c) second messanger mechanism
d) positive feedback

what is the difference between tunica externa in a artery compared to that in a vein
a) the tunica externa is thinner in arteries than in veins
b) the tunica externa is thicker in arteries than in veins
c) arteries do not have a tunica externa
d) veins do not have a tunica externa

what percentage of the body moves lymph into the thoracic duct?
a) 100%
b) 75%
c) 50%
d) 25%

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