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What cleaning material should be used to clean an LCD screen?
a) Always use glass cleaner
b) Isopropyl alcohol and two parts water
c) A rough papertowel
d) Lysol spray

Which of the following is an example of magnetic storage media?
a) Hard Drive
b) DVD
c) CD
d) USB flash drive

Antivirus software should _________________
a) Run when you suspect a problem
b) Run weekly
c) Run monthly
d) Always be running

List the Home Row keys for the right hand from left to right.
a) asdf
b) fedds
c) qwerty
d) jkl;

List the home row keys for the left hand from left to right
a) asdf
b) fdsa
c) ;lkj
d) jkl;

What is the latest operating system for Microsoft?
a) Mountain Lion OS X
b) Microsoft Office 2013
c) Windows 10
d) iOS 8.1

One of the best ways to cut down on computer repair is __________________ .
a) By using cable management kits
b) By purchasing an ergonomic keyboard
c) Through preventive maintenance
d) To replace the power supply regularly

If you spill liquid onto the keyboard, the first step is to _______________ ?
a) Spray it with compressed air
b) Turn off the computer
c) Turn it upside down
d) Shake it to remove the liquid

Unorganized and unprotected cables can create?
a) Fragmented files
b) Clogged ink jets
c) Exposed corona wires
d) Safety hazards

Which of the following is used to produce a hard copy of the processing results?
a) CPU
b) Monitor
c) Printer
d) Projector

__________________ are programs used by the operating system to communicate with various hardware devices.
a) Mouse
b) Border
c) Drivers
d) Interfaces

The ________________ is the most common input devices.
a) Modem
b) Scanner
c) Keyboard
d) Mouse

A ____________ physically connects input/output devices to a computer.
a) Port
b) System
d) Graphical User Interphase

You use ____________ devices to put commands into a computer.
a) input
b) output
c) data
d) messaging

The computer manufacturer uses ___________ to store specific instructions that are needed for computer operations.
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) CPU
d) SYS

The more _______ that your computer has, the faster it processes data.
a) RAM
b) SPU

Machine language of the computer is also knows as ______________.
a) control language
b) basic
c) cpu
d) binary

Short term memory is also known as ______________.
a) FRM
b) CPU
c) ROM
d) RAM

How many bytes of storage space does the phrase, (We are EA) occupy (not counting the parenthasis)?
a) 7
b) 8
c) 9
d) 10

Ashley's computer has 1GB of RAM; Jose's computer has 864 MB of RAM. Who has more RAM?
a) Ashley has more RAM
b) Jose has more RAM
c) They both have the same amount of RAM
d) Neither, because RAM is measured in MHz and not GHz

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