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One (1)
a) dogs
b) pencils
c) spoon
d) chairs

Four (4)
a) girls
b) mop
c) soap
d) girlses

Five (5)
a) cupses
b) cups
c) house
d) table

One (1)
a) frogs
b) frogses
c) frog
d) frog's

Ten (10)
a) ribbonsss
b) ribbon
c) ribbon's
d) ribbons

One (1)
a) televisione
b) televisions
c) television
d) television's

Eleven (11)
a) doll
b) dolly
c) cat
d) dolls

Three (3)
a) flowers
b) flower
c) flower's
d) floweres

Nine (9)
a) key
b) keys
c) kEY
d) KeYs

Two (2)
a) bird
b) biRdS
c) BiRd
d) birds

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