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What did Spanish landowners do when their native workers died from exhaustion and disease?
a) closed plantations and opened trade shops
b) imported African slaves that were immune to European diseases to work on plantations
c) lightened the workload of the natives and found cures for disease
d) took their profits and moved back to Spain

Why did an indentured servant have to serve a master for a period of time in the Americas?
a) The master purchased the servant's passage across the Atlantic Ocean.
b) The servant was a certain race that was enslaved.
c) The servant was a debtor that owed money that they could not pay back.
d) The master owned the servant in Europe and promised freedom after service in America.

What were the two main goals of the Spanish conquistadors?
a) steal from English pirates and trade goods
b) claim land for Spain and travel the world
c) obtain wealth and spread the Christian faith
d) destroy ancient civilizations and fish new waters

What treaty divided the world between Spanish and Portuguese claims of newly discovered lands?
a) Treaty of Guadalupe-Hildalgo
b) Versailles Treaty
c) Geneva Convention
d) Treaty of Tordesillas

What group did Cortes conquer in 1521?
a) Aztecs of Mexico
b) Mayans of Mexico
c) Incas of Peru
d) Romans of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe

Who conquered the Incas of Peru in 1533?
a) Hernando Cortes
b) Hernando de Soto
c) Lucas Vasquez de Allyon
d) Francisco Pizzaro

What country commissioned (hired/paid for) Columbus to explore a western sea route to Asia?
a) Italy
b) Portugal
c) Spain
d) England

Which country explored the Americas first?
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) England
d) France

Which of these is a negative consequence of the Columbian Exchange?
a) Livestock brought from Europe to the Americas
b) American corn is sent to Europe and Africa to feed their growing populations
c) European disease spreads throughout the Americas, killing most Native Americans
d) American potatoes feed large populations throughout Europe

For which reason did Europeans want to explore?
a) Gold (they wanted to obtain wealth)
b) Glory (they sought adventure and fame, while claiming land for their country)
c) God (they wanted to spread the Christian faith)
d) all of the above, including the search for a water route to Asia for trade

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