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Who invented a machine to make shoes?
a) The British
b) The USA
c) The Germans
d) The Canadians

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
a) Canada
b) Britain
c) America
d) Germany

What was the Industrial Revolution
a) Change in Travel
b) Change in Communication
c) Change in Goods
d) Change in Thinking

Goods were made by ____, but changed to being made by ____?
a) hand, other countries
b) house, machines
c) hand, men
d) hand, machines

What year did the Industrial Revolution start in America?
a) 1790
b) 1760
c) 1709
d) 1706

Who helped start the Industrial Revolution in America?
a) Sampson
b) Slater
c) Simpson
d) Stevens

What did Eli Whitney Invent?
a) Cotton Gin
b) Peanut Butter
c) Coats
d) Cars

What year did Eli Whitney invent the machine?
a) 1790
b) 1791
c) 1792
d) 1793

Most factories in the US were built near?
a) Rivers
b) Lakes
c) Streams
d) Ponds

How did the Industrial Revolution change America in the 1700's?
a) People moved to cities
b) Fewer people lived on farms
c) More people worked in factories
d) All - A, B, and C

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