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Which idea reflects the notion that a king rules because god chose them to do so?
a) Social Contract
b) Divine Right
c) Natural Rights
d) Absolutism

King Louis XIV would support which form of government?
a) Democracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Absolute Monarchy
d) Anarchy

Which of the following is NOT a philosopher from the Age of Enlightenment?
a) Rousseau
b) Montesquieu
c) Locke
d) Louis XIV

The idea behind a constitutional monarchy is that...
a) The king has to follow the same laws as their people
b) The people don't have to follow the king's orders
c) The king makes every last decision
d) The king has to create laws that hurt himself

Which of the following is not a Natural Right?
a) Property
b) Innocence
c) Liberty
d) Life

How were the monarchs able to afford to wage wars and build grand palaces?
a) Sell all of their prized possessions
b) Receive donations from other countries
c) Tax the lower class citizens
d) Tax the upper class noblemen

Which two institutions did the Age of Enlightenment go against?
a) Government and the Catholic Church
b) Government and themselves
c) Schools and Churchs
d) Economics and the court system

Montesquieu believed that for a government to function properly, it must do what?
a) Separate the powers into divisions
b) Create checks and balances to make sure not one person becomes too powerful
c) Both answers
d) None of the above

The idea that the people choose to give up basic rights in return for their protection is what idea?
a) Divine Right
b) Natural Rights
c) Social Contract
d) The Enlightenment

The idea behind absolutism is...
a) A monarch that has little control over his/her people's lives
b) A monarch that has complete control over all of the government
c) A monarch that gives up his power to the people
d) A monarch that receives from his people through a vote

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