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How many houses are in a Bicameral legislature?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Which kind of government has citizens rule through elected representatives?
a) Republic
b) Direct Democracy
c) Monarchy
d) Tyrannt

What is an ordinance?
a) A safety rule
b) A person elected to the house of representatives
c) A compromise found in the constitution
d) A law

What does something do if it depreciates?
a) Goes up in value
b) Goes down in value
c) Value stays the same
d) Value rises then drops

What is a compromise?
a) When the minority gets its way in a decision.
b) A settlement of a dispute by each party giving up some demands.
c) Neither side of a dispute gets anything they want.
d) A settlement that is equal to all sides.

What is federalism?
a) Sharing power between the federal and state level.
b) Sharing power between the federal and local level
c) Sharing power between the state and local level
d) No sharing of power.

What is the job of the legislative branch of government?
a) Enforce Laws
b) Interpret the law
c) Research laws
d) Make laws

What is the job of the Executive branch of government?
a) Enforce laws
b) make laws
c) interpret laws
d) declare laws unconstitutional

What is the job of the Judicial branch of government?
a) Enforce laws
b) Make laws
c) Interpret laws
d) Pass laws

What is meant by the Checks and Balances system?
a) When each branch fights for power from the other branches
b) When each branch tries to pass their power to other branches.
c) When each branch of government limits power of the other branches.
d) When each branch gives up powers.

What is an amendment?
a) A change, correction, or improvement added to a document.
b) When something is taken away from a document
c) A document that still needs to be proof read.
d) A finished document

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