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Triple beam balance
a) mass
b) temperature
c) length
d) volume

graduated cylinder
a) mass
b) volume
c) temperature
d) length

meter stick
a) mass
b) volume
c) temperature
d) length

The meteorologist stated it will most likely rain tomorrow.
a) infer
b) predict
c) hypothesize
d) observe

Ivy saw her dog was wet. She thought it must be raining outside.
a) predict
b) orbserve
c) infer
d) observe

It is snowing.
a) predict
b) hypothesize
c) estimate
d) observe

36 g = ______ hg
a) 360
b) .36
c) 3,600
d) .036

6.45 cg = ______dg
a) 64.5
b) .645
c) .0645
d) 645

.234 km = _____ mm
a) 234
b) .00234
c) .000234
d) 234,000

67.0 kL = _____ L
a) .067
b) 670
c) 67,000
d) 6,700

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