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Where is Egypt located?
a) Africa
b) Australia
c) Asia
d) Alaska

In which direction does the Nile River flow?
a) North to South
b) North to North West
c) South to North
d) East to West

What is considered as a strong rapid or water fall?
a) papyrus
b) delta
c) silt
d) cataracts

What is triangle-shaped area of land made of soil deposited by a river?
a) delta
b) penisula
c) silt
d) canyon

What was the dry, lifeless land called?
a) red land
b) black land
c) purple land
d) underworld

What foods did the Egyptians eat?
a) fish, deer, wheat,dates, and cattle
b) apples,fish,sheep,lions, and geese
c) wheat,barley,fruit, sheep, and fish
d) cattle, wheat, fruit, fish, and snakes

Why did Pharaoh Menes wear a double crown?
a) It represents the Nile River
b) It represents the rule of Upper and the Lower Egypt
c) It represents the flag of Egypt
d) It represents the first dynasty of Egypt

What was the procedure used to preserve the body of an Egyptian?
a) engineering
b) after-life
c) embalming
d) elite

Why were pyramids so important to the people of Egypt?
a) It was a gift to the Gods
b) It was used to hold meetings
c) It was to keep their cattle and other food products
d) It represented the importance of their ruler/pharaoh

What is the period that represented the development of the political system?
a) Middle Kingdom
b) New Kingdom
c) Old Kingdom
d) Nobles

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