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the slow downhill movement of rock
a) crisp
b) creep

Which of the following does NOT affect the angle of repose?
a) color of material
b) shape of material
c) weight of material
d) size of material

a group of loose rocks falling down a slope
a) rock fall
b) rock concert

A mudflow of a volcanic origin is called a
a) lahar
b) slope
c) creep
d) slump

the sudden rapid movement of rock and soil down a slope
a) landslide
b) landscape

What is the steepest angle at which loose material will not slide down a slope?
a) lahar
b) slump
c) creep
d) angle of repose

the flow of a large amount of mud or rock and soil mixed with water
a) mudslide
b) mudflow

What is the most common type of landslide?
a) slump
b) slope
c) eruption
d) rock fall

the movement of any section of land down a slope
a) cross movement
b) mass movement

Which of the following does NOT affect creep?
a) birds
b) plant roots
c) water
d) burrowing animals

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