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An area of land where all water flows to a certain source is called
a) wetland
b) watershed
c) water table
d) groundwater

Salinity is
a) The amount of solds in water
b) The amount of freshwater in water
c) The amount of salt in water
d) The amount of chorlide in water

Which is NOT a watershed in PA?
a) Delaware
b) Ohio
c) Genesee
d) York

Which zone of a stream has fast moving water?
a) Rapid
b) Pool
c) Littoral
d) Limnetic

Which zone of a pond has sunlight reach the bottom?
a) Rapid
b) Pool
c) Littoral
d) Limnetic

Which zone of the ocean most likely has the highest pressure?
a) Intertidal
b) Coral Reef
c) Open Ocean
d) Deep Ocean

A 1st order stream runs into a 3rd order. What will the 3rd order stream become?
a) A 4th order stream
b) A 1st order stream
c) A 5th order stream
d) It will stay a 3rd order stream

Water escapes from a pine tree. What do we call this process?
a) Evaporation
b) Transporation
c) Precipitation
d) Run-off

Name the wetland that has the following plants. Oaks, Autumn Olive, and Maples
a) Swamp
b) Marsh
c) Bog
d) Pond

A certain lake is NOT round and is about 50 feet deep. It has a dam at one end. What kind of lake is it?
a) Oxbow
b) Volcano
c) Erosion
d) Man-Made

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