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Angie is designing a band flyer and wants a picture of a drum set to appear behind the text. Which command should she use?
a) Crop
b) Sizing Handles
c) Wrap Text
d) Position

Jordan inserted an image from his USB Drive into his science report. What did he insert?
a) Screenshot
b) Screen clipping
c) Picture
d) Print Screen

What is the name of a capital letter that is the first letter in a paragraph but is set in a larger font size than the rest of the characters in the paragraph?
a) Paragraph starter
b) Drop cap
c) Line starter
d) Paragraph capital

In Microsoft Word, what is the name of the group of picture formatting characteristics that includes shadows, reflections, glow, soft edges, bevel, and 3-D rotation?
a) Style
b) Effects
c) Cluster
d) Group

Angie inserted a picture into a Microsoft Word document. She decided there were portions of the picture she wanted to remove. Which command would be most appropriate to use?
a) Crop
b) Sizing Handles
c) Wrap Text
d) Position

Which ribbon includes the command for inserting charts that illustrate or compare data?
a) File
b) Home
c) Insert
d) Draw

What is the descriptive text placed below an object called?
a) Footer
b) Endnote
c) Footnote
d) Caption

Which of the small, white circles surrounding a graphic allows a user to proportionately resize the graphic?
a) Left
b) Top
c) Corner
d) Bottom

In Nathan's parenting class, he has been assigned to diagram his family tree. Which command would be the most appropriate for a quick and easy visual representation?
a) Picture
b) Shape
c) WordArt
d) SmartArt

Which command on the Picture Tools Format Ribbon is used to change the way text wraps around a selected object?
a) Position
b) Wrap Text
c) Align Text
d) Text Direction

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