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which procedure is used to seclect an entire table in a ms word document?
a) table seclect handle
b) click the right margin
c) click the table move handle
d) click the table area

what are the heavy dots added for emphasis before each item in a list called?
a) bullets
b) pellets
c) points
d) marks

what ms word feature allows users to organize information in horizontal rows and vertical columns?
a) numeric list
b) tables
c) list area
d) grid area

placing this in a document refers to moving the information to the right of its current location.
a) backspace
b) insertion point
c) paragraph mark
d) indent

When the current line in a document is full, which ms word feature automatically moves text to the next line?
a) mode
b) word mode
c) word wrap
d) text wrap

which term refers to changes made in a document that affect the visual appearance of the document?
a) styling
b) formatting
c) designing
d) perfecting

Which dialog box in ms word is use to quickly location a specific character, word or phase in a document?
a) search and replace
b) word search
c) character search
d) find and replace

which feature refers to making a duplication of an item in a document and placing it in ms word temporary storage location until it is needed.
a) move
b) cut
c) copy
d) collect

Which feature in ms word automatically puts in the date
a) auto check
b) auto dictionary
c) auto correct
d) auto complete

what are three methods of moving from cell in a ms word table?
a) tab key
b) arrow key
c) mouse pointer
d) all of these

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