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You have just installed the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system on your PC. Which Web browser is bundled with Windows 7 and is installed automatically when you load the operating system?
a) Safari
b) Mozilla
c) Opera
d) Internet Explorer

You are using Firefox as your default browser and you want to customize it to better suit your browsing habits. What plug-ins and extensions specific to Firefox can you use to accomplish this?
a) Firefox codecs
b) Firefox add-ons
c) Firefox ActiveX controls
d) Firefox viewers

What is the purpose of the History folder?
a) It allows you to design a Web page.
b) It allows you to view a Web page's source code.
c) It allows you easy access to previously viewed Web pages.
d) It allows you to perform a keyword search.

Consider the following address: Which term best describes this address type?
a) Fully qualified domain name
b) Relative URL
c) Deep URL
d) IP address

Anonymous browsing allows users to:
a) develop software that lacks any constraints imposed by prior development.
b) improve the performance of computers with slow connections.
c) surf the Web privately, leaving no cached information.
d) create new processes and recover from problem threads, thereby avoiding crashes.

Where are downloaded files (such as Web pages, images, fonts, etc.) saved on a computer?
a) The browser
b) The History folder
c) The hard drive
d) The desktop

What is the term for the part of a browser responsible for reading a Web page and presenting it to an end user?
a) Rendering engine
b) Interpreter
c) Sandbox
d) Window

What is the term for the part of a browser responsible for reading and processing programming languages?
a) Thread
b) Interpreter
c) Rendering engine
d) Sandbox

You have activated pop-up blockers in your Web browser to prevent pop-up windows from continually interrupting your browsing experience. What could be an unintended consequence of this action?
a) You may not be able to set up Web feeds when needed to access news headlines.
b) You may not be able to clear your browser's cache.
c) You may not be able to access the company intranet.
d) You may not be able to enter logon information when needed to access a site.

Consider the following address: Which part of this address represents the server name on which this page resides?
b) /courses/
c) www
d) CIWcertified

Which protocol do many browsers assume when you enter a URL in the Address field?
a) FTP
b) WWW

You work with UNIX workstations and want to install a Web browser specific to your environment. Which browser should you install?
a) Lynx
b) RockMelt
c) Konqueror
d) Safari

How can you view a Web page, including all related images, fonts and scripts referenced by the HTML on the page, without connecting to the Internet?
a) Install the appropriate viewer for the browser you are using.
b) Save the Web page content to your computer's local disk cache.
c) Install the appropriate plug-in for the browser you are using.
d) Save the Web page content to your hard disk.

Which of the following improves the speed of your browser because it allows you to view previously accessed Web pages without having to request them from the server again?
a) The History folder
b) The Favorites folder
c) Pop-up windows
d) The browser cache

With which prefix does a Web page's Uniform Resource Locator (URL) begin?
a) html://
b) http://
c) mailto://
d) ftp://

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